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eV2 Max AIWB Hybrid Holster-C85219002RBKN

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The eV2 Max Holster is a hybrid, appendix inside-the-waistband (AIWB) holster designed to be so comfortable you forget you are wearing it. This hybrid holster is a combination of a leather backing that sits against the skin, with a Kydex shell that holds the gun in the front. The Kydex shell minimizes the collapse of the holster after draw, improving the ease of re-holster when compared to all leather IWB holsters. The two-ply leather backing was specifically designed to maximize the comfort of the holster by placing smooth leather against your skin, rather than hard plastic or metal hardware. With many features made for concealability and functionality, the eV2 is a comfortable, concealable, ready-to-use variation for those who love the appendix carry position.