.204 CALIBER SMALLBORE – Sky Tactical


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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) : K20

.204 Caliber Smallbore The .17 Cal. Gun Cleaning Kit contains a 34 , high-grade steel, 3-piececleaning rod with a black oxide finish and a rotating handle. Included is a phosphor bronze bore brush cotton bore mop, double sided nylon gun brush,2 oz. Formula 3 Gun Conditioner, silicone gun cloth and 100% cotton cleaning patches. Also, an added plus is the addition of our newly designed .17 Cal. brass cleaning jag with a barbed tip. It worksefficiently with the cotton patches to thoroughlyremove loosened fouling from the bore. All this is conveniently packaged in a reusable polypropylene storage box with insert tray and cleaning instructions.