Five Point Three 2Oz Flip Top Spray – Sky Tactical

Five Point Three 2Oz Flip Top Spray

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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) : 22FTSDB

This 2-ounce unit contains the world famous FIVE POINT THREE® formula, used by the U.S. Military, all types of municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and civilians around the world. SPECIFICATIONS: Stream spray pattern reaches 15 to 18 feet. All FIVE POINT THREE® formulas are oil based, Taser safe and non-flammable. The size of the unit is 4-3/4” High x 1-3/8” Diameter. Discharges 12-15 one-half second bursts. Spring loaded flip top helps prevent accidental discharge. Invisible UV dye for suspect identification under black light. Nonflammable & Taser safe. Birth date on each unit.