Magpul Tejas El Burro Gun Belt Polymer Black Size 34 - MAG755-001-34 – Sky Tactical

Magpul Tejas El Burro Gun Belt Polymer Black Size 34

Magpul Industries
SKU: MPIMAG755-001-34
$ 54.99 $ 59.95

Carry of a holstered firearm requires more than a good holster, it also requires a good belt. The Magpul Tejas El Burro Gun Belt is a GREAT belt constructed from state of the art polymer materials and non-ferrous corrosion resistant aluminum hardware. Its rigid enough to properly support a holster while still being flexible enough for comfortable everyday wear. This all weather, anytime, anywhere belt will give you stretch free and sag free performance to meet your highly active life style. Each belt has 8 holes with 0.75" spacing and its 1.5" wide to fit most belt loops.

NOTE: DO NOT order your waist size or pants size! Lay an existing belt out flat and from where the leather folds at the point where the buckle is attached, measure to the hole that you typically use. Please remember when ordering to take into account any holster or accessory that may be worn. For in-between measurements use the next size up as our belts will not stretch over time.

Specifications and Features:
Magpul MAG755-001-34
Tejas Gun Belt - El Burro
Reinforced Polymer Construction
Flexible Waterproof Textured Material
Stretch Free, Sag Free Performance
Non-Ferrous Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Hardware
.75" Hole Spacing
1.5" width

Size 34