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Otis .22-.45 Caliber Variety Ten Pack Nylon Brushes

Otis Technology
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Otis Technology is an American owned and operated company based out of Lyons Falls New York. As a premier manufacturer of the finest firearm cleaning accessories and kits available, Otis supplies even for entities like the Federal Government. Their full line of cleaning accessories will keep your firearm in pristine condition from Breech to Muzzle. Otis Technology can be found on the front lines of freedom and on hunting trips, at competitions and at ranges everywhere for a reason. Otis Technology keeps you shooting more and cleaning less.

OTIS brushes last longer than most because of their superior construction and engineered features. The precision thread has no weak undercut. The Tufcor proprietary core wire resists corrosion. The tighter twist provides better bristle retention. These brushes can be used with all firearm cleaning chemicals. They have twice the fill as other brushes, the stem is cold welded to the core, and the brushes are filled to the end. The brush size is stamped on the stem and the core wire is color coded so you never clean your gun with the wrong brush. The rifle bulk brushes come in a reusable snap pack case.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: FG-380-BP-N
A variety of ten replacement nylon brushes

Two - .22, .25, .27 Brushes
Two - .30, .35, .38, .40, .45 Cal Brushes

.22 - .45 Caliber